Mashkiikii Gitigan (Medicine Garden) is located across from the Indian Health Board at 1316 E. 24th Street, Minneapolis. It is a project of the 24th Street Urban Farm Coalition. Coalition members include staff from Dream of Wild Health, Indigenous Peoples’ Task Force, Indian Health Board, Native American Community Clinic, Ventura Village, Waite House and Women’s Environmental Institute.

The mission of the 24th Street Urban Farm Coalition is to create and nurture the culture and practice of local organic food production, healthy eating, healthy living and related activities along the 24thStreet Wellness Corridor and throughout the Phillips Community.

All people are welcome and encouraged to participate in activities at Mashkiikii Gitigan. Christina, the urban farmer, can be found at the garden most week days from 10am – 6pm. Community members and program staff can stop by to visit, volunteer, try the latest vegetables, learn gardening techniques, or just enjoy the space.