Counseling & Support Clinic

Restoring_The_Sacred_Hoop_-_IHBThe Counseling & Support Clinic (or simply “C&S”) provides trauma-informed clinical services by skilled providers who are culturally aware and understand the impact of historical trauma and personal trauma on an individual and their family. To this end, C&S is committed to decolonizing our healing work with clients and re-indigenizing our services with cultural practices and activities that were already in place and used successfully by indigenous people to promote balance and healing.

This is a partial listing of our available services:

Clinical Services Available

  • Individual, family, and group psychotherapy
    • Groups include historical trauma, two-spirit, women’s drum group, boys’ LEGO group, girls’ group, and children’s drum group. New groups are formed according to interest and need, so call for updates.
  • Psychological Assessments for adults and children
    • Depression and anxiety screening, posttraumatic stress disorder screening (PTSD), attention-deficit screening and testing (ADHD), and please call to inquire if we can provide other testing needs.
  • School-based mental health support and services
    • If you’re child attends Anishinabe Academy, please call us for services provided directly at the school.
  • Other specialty services include:
    • Somatic Experiencing®
    • FASD-informed caregiver support
    • Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)
    • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) for children and adolescents
    • Aboriginal Focusing Oriented Therapy (AFOT)
  • Traditional cultural activities and consultation

Chemical Health Services Available

  • PLEASE NOTE: We have changed our Chemical Health services in C&S to support recovery and relapse prevention from a cultural perspective with groups that combine therapy and cultural practices and C&S no longer provides Rule 25 or chemical dependency assessments
  • Chemical health support and psychotherapy groups – The “Welcome Home” men’s group is the first one and is currently meeting as an open group, but an intake is required before attending.
  • Please call 612-721-9836 for information about this service

Medication Management Services

  • Child & Adult Psychiatry – Current IHB patients only, or by referral from a NACC provider

Downloadable C&S Clinic Forms

For appointment scheduling, call us at 612-721-9800
(Press 1 for English/2 for Spanish, then press 1 for scheduling, and then press 2 for Counseling & Support Clinic)

Psychology Training

The Indian Health Board also has a robust psychology training program housed within the C&S Clinic. We accept doctoral-level trainees for therapy and advanced therapy practica, psychology internship (application through the APPIC member #1992), and postdoctoral fellowship (APPIC member #9917).

If you are enrolled in or graduated from a qualified doctoral-level psychology program and are interested in the culturally-aware psychology training we provide, please download our brochure for more information or contact the Training Director, Dr. Laiel Baker-Dekrey, at 612-721-9804 or

Doctoral Level Psychology Practicum Training

We provide training and advanced training to doctoral level practica students who are planning careers in community mental health or the American Indian community. For more information on this program, contact the Training Director, Dr. Laiel Baker-Dekrey, at 612-721-9804 or

Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship

Click here for the IHB Postdoctoral Fellowship Brochure

Click here for the IHB Postdoctoral Fellow Training Manual

APA-Accredited Doctoral Psychology Internship

Our APA-Accredited Doctoral Psychology Internship for qualified students has additional information (including the brochure and manual) here.

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